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Dolphin Designer Chair

Dolphin Designer Chair


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Home One is a one of a kind interior & Custom Furniture styling solution. We provide Interior designs & Custom Furniture & Renovation services customized, that entirely transform the look of your space into one that screams elegance, modernity, and comfort.
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Care Instructions

• Use a clean microfiber cloth dipped in a wood-friendly cleaner to wipe the wooden surface of the furniture.
• Don't keep warm or cold items directly on a furniture surface; instead, use a hot pad or coasters; please do not keep hot items like a tawa or baking dish even on a hot pad. Try to use a tablecloth or any thick quality cloth on your dining table or any other table that is subject to daily and heavy use.
• Regularly dust the furniture.
• If there has been a spill, gently blot the stain with a clean, dry towel and wipe away any excess moisture right away. Please be careful not to massage the region vigorously or with abrasive materials.
• Check to make sure the furniture is not exposed to damp or water.
• To keep the material's original quality, shield it from heat and direct sunshine.

• Keep cutting implements away from your furniture to prevent cuts and dings. Avoid chemical and alcohol contact with the furniture as it might harm the natural finish and durability of the product.
• Keeping your furniture clean can help you keep it in good condition for a long time. When cleaning your furniture, use a soft, mildly moist cloth; otherwise, you risk making little scratches in the wood if you use a rough rag and press hard against it.
• Avoid placing your furniture in close proximity to wet walls to preserve it from dampness. We advise quickly blotting the wetness with a dry, soft, and lint-free towel.
Please note: Dragging the furniture when moving it since this might damage the joints. If you wish to move the wooden furniture, raise it instead.

Delivery & Installations

• Free delivery is only available on the first attempt and delivery staff will get in touch with you to arrange a hassle-free delivery. If a client misses this delivery, there will be an additional visiting fee for the subsequent attempt.
• Our delivery partner is only permitted to deliver to the ground level of your unit if there isn't a service lift. When delivering to the customer's floor (upon request), there are additional fees that apply per floor.
• Weekend or time-specific delivery is subject to an additional fee.
• If you don't accept the delivery and it has been 10 days, your product(s) will be kept at the closest delivery hub. Following that, HomeOne reserves the right to modify or cancel the order.

• Your product may or may not need installation help when delivered, depending on the delivery situation.
• If the delivery is in the following condition: Pre-assembled, no installation is necessary. The item is delivered assembled and prepared for usage.
• In cases when professional help is needed for installation and assembly, HomeOne will send out carpenters.
• The consumer can assemble the product themselves with the help of some basic tools and the accompanying assembly instructions. No need for professional assistance.

Warranty & Returns

• Manufacturing, craftsmanship, and material flaws that arise during the guarantee term are covered by the warranty. Furniture used in a typical household is covered by the guarantee.

The following items are excluded from this limited warranty:
• Usual wear and tear, Cuts, scratches, or damage from collisions or incidents
• Products that have been improperly utilized, installed, assembled, stored, or cleaned using the incorrect cleaning agents or cleaning techniques. (For instance, upholstered furniture exposed to direct sunshine will gradually become lighter.)
• There is no warranty on the cushions, covers, or upholstery.
• Solid wood will shrink and expand over the course of its lifespan due to seasonal climatic differences, thus this use is not guaranteed. (Applied on solid wood furniture)
• Glue lines and other problems associated with the inherent qualities of wood are not faults and are not covered by the guarantee.
• Any claim for seasonal splits or joints opening is also only valid within the warranty period starting from the date of purchase. for furniture made of solid wood.
• If there are any mechanisms in upholstered items, they are covered by the guarantee.
The following items are not covered by this limited warranty:
• Small cuts, scratches, or damages resulting from improper cleaning procedures, collisions, or accidents; normal wear and tear of the goods over time;
• Cracks created due to product displacement;
• Fading due to direct sunshine exposure.
• Decaying of wood owing to repeated exposure to water; damage caused by improper installation or assembly by the client;
• Seat coverings made of upholstery textiles are not covered by a guarantee.
• Unusual dry cleaning techniques or the use of strong chemicals
• Due to variations in floor and surface levels, unevenness of up to 5 mm is frequently tolerated according to industry standards. There is no guarantee on this.

Terms & Conditions

Understanding Your Product:
• The accessories in the image are only for illustration and do not come with the real product.
• Following in the traditions of numerous generations of successful artisans, professional craftsmen have painstakingly constructed furniture goods with delicate and hand-painted features. Because each piece of such furniture is unique, there may be subtle variations between the image and the final product.

Placing an Order:
• Before making a purchase, please verify the size of your entry or door to your property to ensure that there won't be a delivery-related issue. We won't be able to accommodate requests for returns or cancellations in such circumstances. Some things are ready to use and don't need to be assembled. Please review the item information to help with this. The carpenter visits will be arranged wherever we help with assembly.

On Returns:
• Please make sure the goods is prepared and packaged in its original condition if you decide to return the item.
• If the product that was delivered to you is broken. Customers have the option to forego returning an item in the event of minor damage (such as chipped/scratched/peeled off paint, ripped stitching on upholstery or carpets) and request a carpenter service from HomeOne to repair the damage.
• If the product that was given to you is flawed. A manufacturing error that prevents the product from being used as intended is known as a fault (for e.g. imbalance, wooden joints opening etc.). Please be aware that material's inherent qualities, such as look or texture (particularly for solid wood goods), are not flaws.
• If the item you get differs from the item image on our website in any way (for example, in size, shape, or colour).
• If there are parts or a whole product missing from the package that was delivered to you.
• If the item that was sent to you was inoperable when it arrived, it may have been a battery-operated device or one that needed electricity (like clocks, lights and bulbs).
The delivery plans made by HomeOne to your house have been created to guarantee a damage-free and easy experience. If you received damaged or faulty goods, please notify the delivery staff as soon as possible at the time of delivery and file a complaint with customer service. Within 72 hours, damage and defects will be evaluated, and a fix will be offered. The product may be returned or replaced, or any other remedial action may be taken, as though suitable by HomeOne, to remedy the issue, if in HomeOne's judgment the product is broken. Any missing components needed for the product's assembly should be reported right away to the Customer Support staff so that arrangements may be made for their prompt delivery to you.


• The image's accessories serve only to provide a general notion of the arrangement. Unless otherwise stated, they are not a component of the product.

• Solid wood furniture may have somewhat different wood grains from one piece to the next.

• The 3D image and the real product could differ somewhat in cases of intricate design or hand-painting.

• There may be a slight variation in the fabric colour and wood finish between the online photographs and the real product due to varying screen settings and resolutions.

• The main component utilised to make the product is called the primary component. Other secondary materials could potentially be utilised in the production process in addition to these.

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