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Why Homeone Interior?

45 Days or we pay you rent
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5 Steps to Owning Your Dream Home

1. Meet your designer

It all starts with a simple form.

  • Let’s get to know each other. The more information we have about you, the better we will be able to design your house.

Get a no-cost consultation

  • Get personalised ideas and quotes for your ideal house by speaking with your designer.

2. Book Homeone

To complete the transaction, pay the handling fee.

  • To hire us, pay 5% of the final quote or Rs.25000 (whichever is larger) if you’re satisfied with what we’ve offered.

Complete your home Design

  • It’s time to get down and dirty with the details. Choose your preferred materials and finishes.

3. Place the order

Start the order procedure with a 50% deposit.

  • Complete the design, and you’ve got a good start on your project.

Work begins.

  • On-site civil work begins. ‘My Account’ allows you to keep track of your project’s progress.

You've made it half way. Your orders have been upgraded!

4. Setup and completion

At the completion of a milestone, you will be paid in full.

  • Orders are being processed, and you’re almost halfway through your project.


  • Orders are delivered on-site, and installation follows the plan.

Hurrah! Payment in full has been made!

5. Live!

Your ultimate dream has finally become a reality! Now is time to make new memories! Take advantage of the complimentary professional photography for your #Homeone

Power of Design & Space

On the effect of “Spaces” on us, I believe we can all agree. Consider your employment, a café where you used to meet up with pals, or the instant you return home and enter your room if you’ve been gone. I’m sure you have a mental image, a feeling within, and perhaps a facial expression simply by reading these words. I’m guessing you also recall specific noises or odours that you can nearly smell right now. That is space’s power! Explore More Ideas

Get a quick Expert Advice​

Pick the brain of a professional designer–getting detailed answers to as many questions about any or every space in your home in just ONE HOUR.

Product Catelogs

Our Homeone Store catalogue allows you to present 3000+ products, categories

1. Discover
Design Complete the designs with painting, flooring and other decor solutions.
2. Design
Complete the designs with painting, flooring and other Product solutions.
3. Customizable
100% Customizable and Personalized Product for your Home

Cost-friendly Home Interior

A home is a place that makes you feel comfortable and at peace. Looking at lavish homes in architectural magazines makes you envy them. Owning a beautiful house is the dream of every person, but those who live in rental homes, usually step back at the idea of decorating homes

Homeone experience

Market experience

  • No hidden costs
  • Price Match Guarantee²
  • 45% hike between first quote & final cost
  • One-stop shop for all interior needs
  • Approx 27 market trips to find everything

  • Personalised designs with 3D visuals
  • Cookie-cutter designs with 2D visuals

  • 45-day installation³”
  • “Regular updates with project tracking
  • Unreliable timelines”
  • “No communication on updates/ delays
  • Branded materials
  • 146 quality checks
  • 100% in-house team
  • Inferior materials used to cut costs
  • No quality checks
  • Outsourced to small contractors
  • Up to 10 year warranty⁴
  • India’s first & only on-site service warranty
  • No warranty offered for products or services
  • Up to 10 years warranty⁴
  • India’s first & only on-site service warranty
  • Dedicated team for prompt response & support

Book a Free Consultation with an Expert Interior Designer. Ensuring a safe experience from design to installation

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See. Touch. Experience.

Come to our Experience Centre and get a look and feel of what we do!

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No stepping out. Design your home interiors from the safety and comfort of your home.

Connect with our 1400+ designers virtually and explore designs online.

Explore life-like 3D designs online that are made for your floor plan.

Enjoy complete price transparency and stay within budget.

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A little preview of Homeone

Take a tour of the homes we’ve designed for our customers

End-to-end interior solutions

The Services You Receive From An End-To-End Interior Designing & Design Understandings

Modular Kitchen

Modular Wardrobe


Space Saving Furniture

TV Units


False Ceiling


Wall Treatment



Pooja Unit


Budget Furniture

Your ideal house is only a single movement away.

Up to 10-year warranty

Choose interiors designed with superior quality material, leaving no room for defects.

45 Days or we pay you rent

Get beautiful interiors for your new home in just 45 days. That’s our delivery guarantee.

Effectively solve an issue

Explore design ideas and co-create your dream home with our experienced designers

% Virtual Meeting

Complete your design journey and get unwavering support from our dedicated care team.